VIZBOX developed and created the environmental projector enclosures which have been to operate within a moist cave program. Begin to see the […]Backyard theater projector setup Tutorial by means of Instructables - I like how this exemplifies how compact it is possible to be with the setup. A laptop for video clip, the projector, and it seems lik… Read More

Outdoor Projection applications can advantage tremendously from setting up a projector inside a protective enclosure.Lots of corporations are utilizing the sides of their structures as advertising for by themselves or further earnings streams by marketing for others. Projecting photographs, art operate, and even interactive presentations have becom… Read More

Let's imagine I used to be to implement a cooler or build a water resistant box you could put a reptile heater with thermostat on the outdoor timer for when projector is off that could stop condensation.I like what just one individual recommended elsewhere with making a ducted intake and exhaust and applying some sort of an air-to-air heat exchange… Read More

Though I'm not accurately confident how you'd probably put into action the liquid cooling, liquid cooled computer systems use some method of radiator(s) to dissipate the heat from the coolant and those radiators have to have airflow to complete their position. Whether the projector is air or liquid cooled, there would nevertheless be a need for for… Read More